Standard Website Features that come with every website I design

It’s the details that count. That’s why every website we do comes with the following standard features listed below.

It’s the details that count. That’s why every website we do comes with the following standard features listed below. Of course we can also add any custom functionality for your businesses specific needs.

Custom Branded WordPress Website

I’ll design, develop and deliver a custom branded, state of the art WordPress website tailored to your specific brand style and business needs. Whether the Branding Package is provided by you or created by us, your website will utilize your custom logos, colors, fonts, imagery, favicon, etc. You’ll have the ability to add, edit and delete all website content through an intuitive Content Management System.

Latests Web Standards

Your site’s code will be designed with the latest standards in web development. The website will have a Responsive Design, making it looks great on all devices and will be created with Page Speed Optimization in mind. Caching and other standard protocols will be employed after launch to ensure minimum loading times.

SEO Optimization

Solid Site-wide SEO will assure that your website will get all the standard technical SEO details correct. I will create an optimized XML sitemap that helps search engine robots crawl your site. I design websites with the best SEO practices in mind so that they will be optimized for SEO from the day we launch.

Keyword Optimized Web pages – Individual pages will be optimized around the selected keywords and have custom meta tags and schema markup so search engines can easily understand them.

Search Engine Submission – Your sitemap will be submitted to Google Webmaster Tools for advanced analysis on link errors, traffic analytics and to ensure that your website is properly indexed.

Additional functionality


Tap into the power of Blogging. Syndicate your ideas and message to the entire world with blogging. Plus it’s a great way to drive traffic to your site and focus on strategic keywords that people are always searching for.

Automatic Backup System

Having a built-in (and possibly automated) solid backup system in place is one of the most important features to have. And that will be built in and set up from the start.

Social Media Integration and Sharing

If your business uses social media I’ve have got you covered. Your visitors will be able to easily share your content to popular platforms and your social media profiles can be embedded in the website as well.

Contact Forms

Need to collect specific info from your website form submissions? No problem. We have extensive experience in creating custom forms of all kinds.

Optional Functionality

We’ll cover optional, more advanced functionality in upcoming blogs.

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